Saturday, March 5, 2011

God of Souls

This week I am showing off a somewhat older character of mine. This would be the updated version of my character Naoth. He has shown up, or has been mentioned in any of the story's that I have come up with though the years with the exception of my first attempt at a comic way back in middle school.

When I first came up with him, I wanted to create a character who connected together all my stories. And since I am quite fond of the belief of reincarnation, I decided to create a god that looks after the souls of the dead, and who chooses when and were your soul is sent to when you are ready to be reincarnated.

Naoth is in charge of looking after the souls of the dead until they are ready to be sent off for reincarnation. He is considered to be neutral caring not for good or for bad, dark or light. Naoth is vastly knowledgeable and never forgets anything. He likes to play mind games with those who come into contact with him, mostly due to boredom on his part.

"If you have a soul, then more than likely Naoth knows who you are, what you are like, and where you are, and he will use that to his advantage if he wants something from you. Being alive for so long, Naoth tends to get bored quite easily, when this happens, he will go seeking someone who seems interesting, and watch them for a while. If they are deemed interesting enough, he will try to set up a contract with them. Once they stop being interesting, he kills them and their soul returns to him."

God dammit Tyson

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  1. Why do you make so many dangerously attractive characters Mel? :I How do you do this?