Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dont Wile E. that Coyote!

So here is my final for first year, a animation with Wile E. Coyote. I can proudly say that I am extremely happy with this, First reason being, I did this in two days, Not because I left it till last minute I might add. See the thing is, I was so worried about making the action look good and making it really amazing, that I kept restarting because I wasn't satisfied with were i was going with it. (I actually restarted 4 times Hurr Durr)
Its too bad that I wasent able to get the sound clip in :( I heard that not a lot of people could figure it out so pretty much no one submitted theirs with the sound in it.

Originally I thought this animation was due on the 29th, Imagine my surprise when I found out on Wednesday that It was due the next day, I was so angry with myself for not double checking the date. But I am really thankful to one of my classmates that let me know :)

Ah well, for the future, I will be sure to work harder on sticking with what I got instead of restarting the animation every week. (and to check my due dates more carefully :P )

So long first year, Time to look forward to second year (hopefully)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Animal Splice

Oopsie, I was a little late on the update this week. Sorry about that! Things have been quite hecktic arround here... Finals and all that Jazz. Thankfully It will all be over this Friday :)

Today I am showing you my P&P final assignment. We were asked to create two creatures consisting of spliced DNA in the style of Disney or DonBluth. I chose Disney and I came up with a Monkgin and a Antpo (oh god those names lul)

I ended up doing the lineart on the computer as well, I added shading to it, hopefully I wont loose marks @_@

Anyways, I will have my final animation up on Thusday :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Back

Hurah, More Pokemon stuff.

In the game, we were able to catch glimpses of our future. In mine, I, as well as two of my party members, were surrounded by Unown and I dont know anything more. I myself am a Rune master, were that section of my trainer powers revolve around the Unown. So I dunno, we shall see what the future holds :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finals Finals Finals

Oh gosh, as I reach my final stretch into finals in the following weeks, I find myself more swamped then ever.

I dont have much to say on this piece really, it was for an assignment and I had to come up with 10 character pairs (20 all together omggg) I managed to get it done within a few days. Im so lucky that he let us draw it on the computer.

anyways, enjoy :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pokemon, Pokemon everywere

For a while now, myself and a few friends have started playing a table top version of Pokemon. Its a perfect game to play once a week, a good stress reviler, especially for die-hard pokemon fans.
Its a home brew, but so much fun. Unlike the original games, instead of being on a pokemon adventure just because you came of age, each of our characters have our own reasons for going on the journey in the first place.
Another thing that I LOVE about the table top version, is that you can choose between different classes of pokemon trainer you want to be.
I myself chose to be a mystic. Mystic's are able to posses pokemon, which so far has lead to many Shenanigans.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strutin' my stuff

This is really, so far, the animation that I am most proud of so far this year. :) I tried something different and went to my friends for help and pointers during this assignment rather then just relying souly on the teacher. And I kinda wished I did this more often, haha. Well, there is always the final assignment, which I am totally going to kick ass on :)
Till Next time!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I wanted to post this up to show my character creation process a bit.
This would be Ireal, one of the characters in The grave.

When I was first creating her, I took the lazy way out and just made her completely human looking

So borrrring.

So, I decided to push my limits a bit and made her into a Naga. Now Ireal looks more interesting and a bit more developed than what I had her as before.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fish boy and Superheros

Back in high school, one of my art projects was to create a super hero. A friend of mine came up with an awesome concept of a guy who could detach and reatach body parts. There were many dirty jokes made soon after his creation. His name was Gale, and Gale became my favorite guy character soon after (his perverted personality had nothing to do with it I swear!)

Soon after I entered collage, in the Pre-animation/Illustration program, one of the assignments was to create a Mutant. I chose to do a lionfish/human Mutant. Whom still doesn't have a name (any suggestions?)

Eventually, I decided that they should end up in the same story line.
I dont think Gale would like the fish guy very much :<

Saturday, March 5, 2011

God of Souls

This week I am showing off a somewhat older character of mine. This would be the updated version of my character Naoth. He has shown up, or has been mentioned in any of the story's that I have come up with though the years with the exception of my first attempt at a comic way back in middle school.

When I first came up with him, I wanted to create a character who connected together all my stories. And since I am quite fond of the belief of reincarnation, I decided to create a god that looks after the souls of the dead, and who chooses when and were your soul is sent to when you are ready to be reincarnated.

Naoth is in charge of looking after the souls of the dead until they are ready to be sent off for reincarnation. He is considered to be neutral caring not for good or for bad, dark or light. Naoth is vastly knowledgeable and never forgets anything. He likes to play mind games with those who come into contact with him, mostly due to boredom on his part.

"If you have a soul, then more than likely Naoth knows who you are, what you are like, and where you are, and he will use that to his advantage if he wants something from you. Being alive for so long, Naoth tends to get bored quite easily, when this happens, he will go seeking someone who seems interesting, and watch them for a while. If they are deemed interesting enough, he will try to set up a contract with them. Once they stop being interesting, he kills them and their soul returns to him."

God dammit Tyson

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The first two

This past week I have been working on my scriptwriting homework and I stared drawing up the characters. I am hoping that I can create this into a web comic during the summer when I have more time to do what I want.
I started with the main character, Adam, and his 'love interest' Colette, whom was created by a good friend of mine. I decided to remove Adam's hat for the time being, mostly due to laziness :)

anyways, that's all I have to show you guys this week, Hopefully I will have more for you next week.

Let me know what you think!

Colette (c) Lexi

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wolf in sheeps clothing

I've recently come across a few bumps in the road of my life that have left me with so many mixed emotions and have also given me a new view on how the world actually works.

Needless to say I have been quite unmotivated to do much of anything but draw as much and as fast as I can, and hope everything works out for the better.

But more art means more stuff to show on my Blog.

First up, something that I whipped up together fairly fast. The client wanted me to draw 20 of my own characters in a Chibi style and I threw in the background for free as a show of good faith since he has been a repeat customer of mine. I feel a bit bad that I had to rush on it, but the client liked it nonetheless.

And over here I have some sketches that I did for a friend... and Also because I needed some sketchbook examples. My friend wanted me to come up with the werewolf form of her Dungeons and Dragons character, Desmond. I think it game out ok. Im not too used to drawing animals haha.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Grave

The internet here has been down for the last few days, made it a bit hard to post this up when I wanted to, ah well.

Today I am showing off some concept sketches for a webcomic that I am planing on working on in the summer when I have more free time. I dont have a name for it just yet, "the Grave" is just a working title for it, though I am kind of liking it.

In these sketches I was working on all the kinds of scars that the protagonist has all over his body from doing his job. The poor lad has to fight off necromancers and keep them out of the graveyard that he looks after.

And the other guy would be the main villain.... I haven't put too much thought into him just yet, his overall design maaaay change. I havent even given him a name yet @_@ (any suggestions?)

Anyways, that's all for now.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Land of Pulse and Haze

Lately, I have come across a particular webcomic that goes by the name of Homestuck that I have been raving about these last few weeks.

It is thoroughly enjoyable and it is done in a completely different way then traditional comics go. (It even has its own set of music albums)
The Author/Artist really thought outside the box for this one guys, it is really worth the read :)

So, because I like the story so much, I decided to put together a little piece of fanart of one of the main characters, Karkat. I personally had a lot of fun drawing this picture, especially the background. Come to think of it, I have never done a picture before were I have enjoyed drawing the background more then I enjoyed drawing the character :o


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tentacles ahoy!

Woah boy, here we go with the blog thing all over again, haha. (And look, I have more followers even before I posted anything up yet, sweet)

For now I will just throw up a line art that I am working on for a client. I have so many anatomical mistakes on this one @_@ but luckly I have a friend willing to help me out with the fixings tomorrow (to tired to work on this anymore)
Surprisingly, this time I was asked to draw all of my characters, which I have got to say... is an amazing thing to be doing, I get to go back and re-vamp all these characters that I haven't really touched in the last two-three years.

But for now, lets talk about this one shall we?

Here we have the sea nymph Savaan and her lovely jellyfish hat, Barnacles.
Now, when I first made these characters back in 2008, it was suppose to be a joke character, NPC for some Dungeons and Dragons game that never happened.
Savaan doesent talk, Barnacles does all the talking for her. Come to think of it, Barnacles does EVERYTHING for her. Not that Savaan is lazy or anything, Barnacles just has a control complex about him and he always seems to think that whatever Savaan does, she is doing it wrong... all the time. (so mean! :'< )

If you are really interested in seeing the first pictures done of her, hop on over HERE.