Sunday, January 30, 2011

Land of Pulse and Haze

Lately, I have come across a particular webcomic that goes by the name of Homestuck that I have been raving about these last few weeks.

It is thoroughly enjoyable and it is done in a completely different way then traditional comics go. (It even has its own set of music albums)
The Author/Artist really thought outside the box for this one guys, it is really worth the read :)

So, because I like the story so much, I decided to put together a little piece of fanart of one of the main characters, Karkat. I personally had a lot of fun drawing this picture, especially the background. Come to think of it, I have never done a picture before were I have enjoyed drawing the background more then I enjoyed drawing the character :o


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tentacles ahoy!

Woah boy, here we go with the blog thing all over again, haha. (And look, I have more followers even before I posted anything up yet, sweet)

For now I will just throw up a line art that I am working on for a client. I have so many anatomical mistakes on this one @_@ but luckly I have a friend willing to help me out with the fixings tomorrow (to tired to work on this anymore)
Surprisingly, this time I was asked to draw all of my characters, which I have got to say... is an amazing thing to be doing, I get to go back and re-vamp all these characters that I haven't really touched in the last two-three years.

But for now, lets talk about this one shall we?

Here we have the sea nymph Savaan and her lovely jellyfish hat, Barnacles.
Now, when I first made these characters back in 2008, it was suppose to be a joke character, NPC for some Dungeons and Dragons game that never happened.
Savaan doesent talk, Barnacles does all the talking for her. Come to think of it, Barnacles does EVERYTHING for her. Not that Savaan is lazy or anything, Barnacles just has a control complex about him and he always seems to think that whatever Savaan does, she is doing it wrong... all the time. (so mean! :'< )

If you are really interested in seeing the first pictures done of her, hop on over HERE.