Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dont Wile E. that Coyote!

So here is my final for first year, a animation with Wile E. Coyote. I can proudly say that I am extremely happy with this, First reason being, I did this in two days, Not because I left it till last minute I might add. See the thing is, I was so worried about making the action look good and making it really amazing, that I kept restarting because I wasn't satisfied with were i was going with it. (I actually restarted 4 times Hurr Durr)
Its too bad that I wasent able to get the sound clip in :( I heard that not a lot of people could figure it out so pretty much no one submitted theirs with the sound in it.

Originally I thought this animation was due on the 29th, Imagine my surprise when I found out on Wednesday that It was due the next day, I was so angry with myself for not double checking the date. But I am really thankful to one of my classmates that let me know :)

Ah well, for the future, I will be sure to work harder on sticking with what I got instead of restarting the animation every week. (and to check my due dates more carefully :P )

So long first year, Time to look forward to second year (hopefully)

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