Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pokemon, Pokemon everywere

For a while now, myself and a few friends have started playing a table top version of Pokemon. Its a perfect game to play once a week, a good stress reviler, especially for die-hard pokemon fans.
Its a home brew, but so much fun. Unlike the original games, instead of being on a pokemon adventure just because you came of age, each of our characters have our own reasons for going on the journey in the first place.
Another thing that I LOVE about the table top version, is that you can choose between different classes of pokemon trainer you want to be.
I myself chose to be a mystic. Mystic's are able to posses pokemon, which so far has lead to many Shenanigans.

1 comment:

  1. I have to say Mel, this character looks simply fantastic. I love her expression, and pose, and ahhh I only wish you could teach me how to do that good of anatomy~ ;u;

    P.S. Has this character tries possessing any "leaf" type Pokemon~? *eyebrow wiggle--- SHOT*